Your Comfort Is Our Top Priority: A Guide to Our Comfort Menu

Picture a dentist’s office. Imagine the sights, the sounds, and the feelings. What comes to mind? 

For many, it’s a mix of unease and discomfort. At Zoe Dental, we understand that negative feelings and experiences at the dentist are common. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to change that perception. We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional and relaxing experience for every patient who walks through our doors. 

We know dental anxiety is real, and we’re committed to helping our patients feel at ease.

The Zoe Dental Comfort Menu

Introducing our Comfort Menu—a selection of amenities designed to make your visit feel more like a spa day. From soothing music to warm blankets, we offer a range of options (free of charge!) to ensure your dental experience is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. We’ve also created a list of helpful resources to help you manage any dentist-related worries.

zoe dental comfort menu of options


Entertainment Options

Every visit to Zoe Dental includes access to our free wifi – just ask for the password at the front desk! You’ll be able to listen to your favorite podcast, check up on the news, or just listen to tunes when you’re in the chair.

girl relaxing with headphones, an example of one of the comfort menu options

We’re also connected to Sirius Satellite Radio, so if you don’t feel like picking a playlist you can enjoy the radio station’s mix of hits in our luxury dental experience.

Of course, the hardest part about listening to music is remembering to bring your headphones, which is why we provide headphones for any of our guests’ listening needs.

“Everyone was so wonderful. As soon as I stepped in the door the staff greeted me with a smile and the entire place has a very genuine warmth which speaks volumes about management. The cleanliness standard is super high. It’s like a spa meets a dentist, which is so great for people with anxiety!” – Liz P.

Spa Day Treatment

Who doesn’t love a spa day? Spa days are all about rest and relaxation, which is why we try to bring as much of the spa day treatment into the dentist’s office as we can. The dentist chair can make people stressed, but we’re here to help you de-stress while still taking care of your teeth.

If your neck gets tense when the dentist works, we have neck pillows available for your comfort. If all of your muscles are feeling tense, we also have a massage chair available. Yes! You can upgrade your regular patient chair to a massage chair to take your treatment to the next level!!

Aromatherapy oils are a common feature of spas, which is why we have a selection for you to choose from in order to truly create a spa-like dental experience. And of course, no spa would be complete without a warm disposable hand towel. We offer scented lavender, scented lemon, and unscented. 

“We love our dental practice. They take the time to get to know me as a person and what is important to me. I never feel rushed and my appointments go smoothly. The amenities that they offer are found nowhere else and it makes your experience so much better. I actually look forward to my cleanings as I get to sit in a heated massage chair and listen to music. It’s the quietest and most relaxing part of my day!” – Chase M.

Self-Care Central

Our final segment of the comfort menu is all about self-care. Dental visits are important for helping your teeth feel clean and healthy, but our self-care options help the rest of you feel comfortable as well.

Lip balm is available since we know how uncomfortable dry skin can be, and dentist’s offices have a tendency to run a little cold.

If you are sensitive to temperature, we have both heated chairs and blankets available to keep you at the best temperature for your personal comfort.

Our final item on the menu is the stress ball. We have latex-free stress balls available for all patients if they need something to squeeze to help alleviate those dentist-vist nerves.

“Zoe Dental is a nice place to visit…and it’s a dentist’s office. Everyone there is friendly. The hygienists are personable and make you feel at ease. You can choose between a massage chair, essential oils, chapstick, and so on to ease your anxieties. They ask you what matters most during your dental experience. They bill your insurance and you can even get a cookie at checkout. I am only going to Zoe Dental from here on out.” – Lea F.

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As the best dentist in Asheville, North Carolina we want to help our patients have the healthiest smiles. Our comfort menu is our way of elevating your experience to help have the confidence to keep your smiles healthy.

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