Our Dental Savings Plan

Having dental procedures in Asheville without dental insurance is challenging for many people. When the choice is between the necessities and health care, a dental visit too often doesn’t even get a consideration… unless it’s an emergency.

Let’s face it: dental care can be expensive. Dental insurance — like health insurance in general — isn’t necessarily part of an employee compensation package anymore. Even in the age of the Affordable Care Act in America, more and more people are choosing not to carry the extra expense of dental insurance. What’s a working person to do? We may be able to help.

Get Dental Procedures in Asheville

Like many health-related procedures, regular dental care is imperative for your overall health. In addition to treating cavities and gum disease, regular checkups and dental procedures in Asheville actually can minimize your risk of heart disease, stroke, uncontrolled diabetes and respiratory infections.

Luckily, there are health care providers like us who care about our patients’ health and ability to pay for services. At Zöe Dental, we believe in giving back to the community we serve. So if you want to get dental procedures in Asheville, we have developed a way to help you.

Zöe Dental Offers a Dental Plan

To help maximize your dental health, we are making it easier for all the hardworking people of Asheville, Black Mountain, Swannanoa, Fairview and Candler to get the care you need. We offer a special Dental Savings Plan for the uninsured. With a low, one-time fee — for your dental care, your children’s dental care or your whole family’s — you can join the plan and qualify for special discounts.

If you have dental insurance, you can’t take advantage of this plan, but that’s its only limitation. There is no starting date; the plan is valid for one year from when you join. Once you join, you are eligible immediately for discounts on certain dental procedures in Asheville. Also, there are no limits to your benefits, as there are with insurance plans. For example, you get 15 percent off fillings, whether you need one or fifteen (heaven forbid).

Extra Benefits

In addition to saving money on certain dental procedures in Asheville, you can take advantage of the free services we offer. If you’re a new patient, you get a free initial comprehensive exam. You get two free periodic evaluations, two free child or adult teeth cleanings, one limited oral evaluation, a complete series of X-rays, two free fluoride treatments and more.

Special discounts include:

  • 15 percent off fillings
  • 15 percent off bridges and crowns
  • 50 percent off teeth whitening
  • 20 percent off oral surgery
  • 15 percent off root canals
  • 20 percent off implants
  • 15 percent off dentures

You get the same quality care at Zöe Dental, but it costs less because you joined our Dental Savings Plan. One low fee paid upfront gives you the security of healthy teeth and gums all year long. If you’re planning to get dental procedures in Asheville, we make it easy.

—Dr. Perry Stamatiades and the Zöe Dental Team