The Value of Having Two Dentists in One Office

Two top Asheville dentists mean more coverage, longer hours and better support.

Remember the old saying, “Two heads are better than one?” The sentiment is true for more than brainstorming. No matter what you do, having a partner allows you to accomplish more on any given day. You both share the duties and responsibilities, and you both reap the rewards.

Partners work together to better serve their customers — or in this case, their patients. At Zöe Dental, two licensed, experienced and committed dentists share the facilities at 10-A Yorkshire Street in Asheville: Dr. Perry Stamatiades and Dr. Sepna Hayes. Because they have such a terrific working relationship, they’re able to do more for you.

Two Top Asheville Dentists to Choose Between

Many Asheville dental practices have just one dentist. With two dentists at the same location, Zöe Dental can offer a host of extra benefits for you. Consider the advantages:

  • You can choose Dr. Stamatiades or Dr. Hayes as your primary dentist. (You win either way.)
  • Because there are two dentists, Zöe Dental can see more patients in a day.
  • By sharing facilities and equipment, they save money, which they pass along to you.
  • Zöe Dental can offer a complete range of services, since our dentists’ skills complement each other.
  • The dentists can cover for one another if one is sick or called away.

And when it comes to service, both Dr. Stamatiades and Dr. Hayes are on the same page regarding their philosophy and dedication to dentistry. They both want to provide you the best possible dental care. As a result, there’s never a conflict between “What I would do” versus “What you would do.” Instead, the conversation focuses on “What’s best for the patient.”

Making It Work

The two dentists meet daily to discuss issues that pertain to the practice. They keep each other up-to-date and rely on each other. In addition, they both do their own research on the latest developments in oral care. The practice benefits from having two such committed dentists, and you get the best care.

The support staff at Zöe Dental makes the office work like a spinning top. Every patient is greeted upon entering the practice and directed to the right place for treatment. Every top Asheville dentist needs a talented support crew, and Zöe Dental is blessed with cheerful, dedicated staff to make the office run smoothly.

Zöe Dental Does More

Having two top Asheville dentists in the same practice also means they can give more back to the community. Both dentists participate in the annual Dentistry from the Heart event each spring, which donates thousands of dollars worth of dental care to those without the means to pay for it. In fact, with two dentists, Zöe Dental can do twice as much for every charity it helps.

Dr. Stamatiades and Dr. Hayes are proud of the work they’ve done, both for their patients and for the community at large. They look forward to growing the practice to better serve you — whether that means offering more services, providing longer hours or even bringing another dentist in to the fold. For the time being, Zöe Dental is content with two top Asheville dentists.

Choose between two top Asheville dentists for your next dental visit.

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—The Zöe Dental Team