Zoe Dental Year in Review

A top Asheville dentist looks back on a year of keeping the community healthy.

December always provides an opportunity to look back on the past year and reflect on what we’ve accomplished at Zöe Dental. 2015 is no different, and yet this year, we’ve been blessed to be able to give back to the community in new and exciting ways.

Now, this isn’t an attempt to sound off or brag about what we’ve done, although we are all proud of the 2015 accomplishments. But we wanted to share how we’ve supported the community — our community — throughout the year. Zöe Dental isn’t merely a top Asheville dentist; we’re committed to keeping everyone in the community healthy.

Dentistry from the Heart

The most exciting day of the year for Zöe Dental has become our Dentistry from the Heart event. This April, we held our second annual Dentistry from the Heart event. Our entire office, coupled with other area doctors, dental staff and volunteers donated their time and skills to provide dental services free of charge to the Asheville community for an entire day. It’s something no other top Asheville dentist can claim.

Like last year, Zöe Dental teamed up with the non-profit organization Dentistry from the Heart to make the day happen. This year, we were able to treat 95 patients, all for free! To consider the effort involved, these services ordinarily would have cost almost $30,000. Five doctors, our hygienists and several volunteers all gave their time willingly to help out those less fortunate who needed dental care.

To learn more about what we accomplished at this wonderful event, check out the recap video here: CLICK HERE

Supporting Local Charities

Zöe Dental also gives back by supporting local charities. As a top Asheville dentist practice, we want to make the community healthier and happier. In 2015, we were so pleased to be able to donate more than 250 items to the Tools for Schools Drive. A national initiative with local implications, Tools for Schools helps kids get the basic supplies they need to excel, such as paper, pencils and highlighters. Zöe Dental plans to get more involved with this event each year.

The Eliada Children’s Home is another organization that’s near and dear to our hearts. Its mission is to help children succeed in life. This year, Zöe Dental sponsored three children at Christmas to provide them with necessary items, as well as some fun toys and art supplies. We encourage you to support this great organization in any way you can.

Growing to Do More

As our practice grows, we are able to do more for the community. And Zöe Dental is growing. When we started in 2008, our team consisted of one doctor, two hygienists, one assistant and two administrative assistants. Fast-forward seven short years, and we now have two doctors, three hygienists, three assistants and an administrative team of five!

At Zöe Dental, we’re committed to being a top Asheville dentist office, but we’re also committed to serving the Asheville community. We do our best to make your visit a pleasant one. We’re a tight-knit team, and we truly enjoy what we do each day. As we look ahead to 2016, we’re excited about helping more people and more charities. Spread the word!