When It Comes To Oral Surgery,
You Deserve The Best!

Most oral surgeries can be a painful and long process but with Zoe Dental, we value your comfort and a timely recovery process just as much as you.

We understand many people feel uncomfortable about going to the dentist. It's why we have a relaxed setting and a compassionate staff dedicated to you and your dental health.

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Specializing in Exactly What You Need

When you need oral surgery, choosing the most skilled and experienced dentist is
important. At Zoe Dental, we've performed thousands of oral surgeries for many
different conditions. With us, you know you'll get the quality service you need.

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Extraction Services

While maintaining your safety, we specialize in extracting both adult, baby teeth, and most erupted wisdom teeth.

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Bone Grafts

When teeth are removed, a bone graft placement is a best practice in dentistry, which is why we recommend the procedure.

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Gum Surgery

We use the SIROLaser Tissue Laser to eliminate placement of stitches after surgery, provide less discomfort, and provide rapid healing as opposed to traditional techniques.


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You May Be Headed Toward Dental Trouble

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Your Comfort Is Our First Priority

With oral surgery, you deserve the best.

And you shouldn't have to worry about finding a dentist you can trust to do it. Zoe Dental's team has over 60 years of dental experience, so you get the customized care you need from an expert team you can trust. Our primary goal is to perform the surgery gently and thoroughly so you can heal quickly and get back to your life.