Join A Team Where Patients Come First

At Zoe Dental, our dedication to five-star customer service & attention to detail make it an ideal place for dental professionals who view their work as life-changing.

We are always accepting resumes with cover letters for qualified staff.

We currently have the following positions avaliable:

Full-Time Dental Assistant

Part-Time Dental Hygienist

You Deserve The Best

As you’re pursuing new employment opportunities, don’t settle for work that’s not fulfilling and meaningful. If you believe patients come first, quality shouldn’t be compromised, and dental care is a calling, then you’re in the right place. Join a dental office whose values align with yours. Anything less is a disservice to your career.

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Why Zoe?

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    Positive Culture

    When Patients come first, it creates an overall positive and welcoming environment. You want to work at a dental office that has a patient-centric focus.

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    State-of-the-Art Facility & Technology

    New equipment and software applications can lead to improved patient care and a more efficient dental practice, which also benefits patients. A dental practice that cares about its facility, technology, and equipment, is a dental practice that puts a premium on patient care. And that means you can really feel good about your work.

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    Fosters Professional & Personal Growth

    Organizations (and people) that stop learning grow stagnant. They fall behind in new treatment procedures, technology, and tools that can benefit the practice overall and the patients specifically. You should be able to join a dental practice that values professional development and learning.

Testimonials from the Zoe Dental Team

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Dental Professionals Shouldn’t Settle For Just Any Job

You want a dental practice that believes wholeheartedly in excellence. A standard of excellence permeates an entire business, making it a positive, fun, and fulfilling place to work.


To Look For In Your Next Dental Position

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Some of the many reasons to consider Zöe Dental:

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    Health/vision/dental insurance

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    Paid time off

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    Personal & professional growth opportunities

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    Team building activities

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    Monthly bonuses

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    401k Retirement Plan

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    Mission trip opportunities

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    Time off for community service/volunteering

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    Uniform Allowance


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At Zoe Dental, we do much more than clean and fix teeth. We are oral healthcare advocates dedicated to improving our patients’ lives. If that mission excites you, you’ve found the next step in your career.