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Zöe Dental is the Home of the Comfort Menu!

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Upon arrival, you’ll be asked which item(s) you’d like to try at your appointment. Don’t be shy, check them all if you wish! All items are FREE of charge!

From cozy blankets or your favorite music station, to aromatherapy oils and much more, we’re certain you’ll find something to make your visit more relaxing and enjoyable.

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Don’t just take our word for it!
Here’s what our patients say:

We have also found that selections from our comfort menu along with other resources have helped patients who struggle with dental anxiety.


Causes and Ways to Manage


Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience, or received false information. Sometimes it’s simply a personality trait—maybe you are a born worrier. Other times you may experience anxious thinking, fearing that the worst may happen.

There are ways to manage this anxiety and even overcome it. Some ways include receiving accurate, thorough information, a gradual introduction to procedures and instruments, learning anxiety reduction skills, and working to change thinking patterns.


We’re familiar with these feelings; we see them often in varying degrees. You can be confident we will take the time needed to help you work through them. We can also refer you to counseling using cognitive behavioral therapy. Learn more at this website—

You may also enjoy listening to these audio files to help calm you and reduce anxiety.


(right click to download, or click to play on the site):


Even making an appointment is stress-free at Zoe Dental.

Ready for a Relaxing Dental Visit?

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    1. Call us to schedule your appointment

    We'll discuss your specific dental needs to ensure you receive the best treatment.

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    2. Make your selection from the comfort menu

    To make your visit as relaxing as possible, we offer warm blankets, essential oils, calming music and more.

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    3. Experience the dentist in a whole new way

    With the right dental care and education, you'll have a brilliant smile and healthy teeth for a lifetime.

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These Patients Have a Whole New Perspective on the Dentist

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