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asheville root canal services

Root Canals

asheville root canal services

Today root canals are much less painful and simple than the days when the only solution was to pull the infected tooth. We use an advanced method that assures root canals are as comfortable and accurate as possible.

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If you have ever had an infection in a tooth, you know how painful it can be. A root canal treatment is a process of removing an infection in the nerve of the tooth. Before root canal treatments, the only option for a patient with an infected nerve in a tooth was to remove it—fortunately we no longer have to do that!

How It Works

First, we carefully remove all the infection from the root of the tooth. The next step is to seal and cover the tooth with a dental crown. Sealing the tooth protects it from further infection and breakdown.

We use the EndoSequence™ Root Canal Technique that assures root canals are as comfortable and accurate as possible. The process and technology are light years ahead of previous techniques to save a tooth. For most people, this process has removed the fear and discomfort historically associated with root canals.

Contact us for more information about EndoSequence Root Canal technique.

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