Female dentist choosing filling shade for smiling black guy, using tooth scale sample, close up

White Fillings

Female dentist choosing filling shade for smiling black guy, using tooth scale sample, close up

We use the latest technology and updated products to benefit you and your dental health. At Zöe Dental, we are proud to use the best treatment methods so we can delight our patients with great results.

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White Fillings

At Zöe Dental, we aim to stay up to date with the latest technology and updated products to benefit you and your dental health. That being said, long gone are the days of silver amalgam fillings as many dentists have found a more appealing option cosmetically and in regards to your overall health.

Every dentist has his or her own reasoning for making the switch from amalgam to composite resin. We will explain just a few of the many benefits to why we chose composite material for our filling procedures.

1. Composite Resin Fillings Look Like Natural Teeth

Amalgam fillings were strong and sturdy, but they weren’t aesthetically pleasing. If you needed to get an amalgam filling, you were left with an unsightly silver piece of metal in your mouth.

Composite resin fillings are just as strong as amalgam fillings, but they look natural. It is more common now than ever to have fillings placed on front teeth as they no longer appear unnatural.

2. Composite Resin Fillings Do Not Damage the Teeth

Damage to the tooth with a cavity and even surrounding teeth is extremely common with amalgam fillings. Damage occurs because the filling material of an amalgam filling is made of metal. Over time as the metal is exposed to different temperatures, it will expand and contract which causes cracks to appear on the tooth and the surrounding teeth.

A cracked tooth can cause pain and be extremely susceptible to tooth decay. In an effort to protect patient’s future dental health and avoid damaging teeth, many dentists made the switch to composite resin fillings.

Composite resin fillings do not expand and contract. This means the tooth in need of a filling and surrounding teeth don’t experience any damage.

3. Fewer Restrictions with Composite Resin Fillings

Once an amalgam filling was placed you were often given a list of instructions with things you could or could not do. That list included foods you had to avoid for several days, how to floss and brush around the filling, and other restrictions. Dentists switched to composite fillings because there are practically no restrictions.

After a composite resin filling is placed, there are virtually no restrictions. Patients can eat whatever they want. They may need to wait until the Novocain wears off, but they don’t have to follow strict instructions like with amalgam fillings.

4. Other Reasons for Switching to Composite Resin Fillings

Some of the other reasons why we made the switch from amalgam fillings to composite resin fillings include:

Less staining – amalgam fillings often would leak which caused the tooth and nearby teeth to develop a black or brown color that couldn’t be removed

Less drilling – composite feelings can be placed without requiring your dentist to drill into the healthy portions of your teeth. This was something that had to be done with amalgam fillings.

Healthier – many people believe amalgam fillings can cause you to be exposed to high amounts of mercury which can result in numerous health problems. Composite resin fillings do not have this type of risk.

Overall, composite fillings are a great alternative to amalgam fillings. At Zöe Dental, we are proud to use this treatment method and have seen many patients extremely happy with their results.

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