Looking for a New Dentist? Ask These 4 Questions

Whether you’re new to the Asheville area, haven’t been to the dentist lately or simply need a new dental experience, it’s important to do your homework as you search for your forever dental home. 

You want a dental practice with experienced staff and a full menu of dental services. Equally important is finding a place where you feel comfortable and the staff is caring. To help in your search, here are four questions to ask a potential new dentist.  

1. How can you help alleviate my anxiety about visiting the dentist?

Not everyone feels comfortable going to the dentist. You may have had an uncomfortable experience in the past or you hate feeling rushed through your appointment. It’s important you find a dentist that understands any concerns you might have. Look for a dentist that takes the time to listen and get to know you. 

At our practice, for example, we spend time with our patients so we can provide personalized attention and treatment plans. And for those patients who need a little extra TLC, we have a comfort menu with warm blankets, aromatherapy and music. We’ve found those little extras can really put nervous patients at ease. 

2. How is this practice different? 

Most people assume all dentist offices are the same. They expect to get their teeth cleaned, a lecture about flossing and recommendations for extra services like teeth whitening. Repeat in 6 months. 

Sure, just about any dentist will clean your teeth (and probably urge you to floss daily), but you need a dentist that takes your care a step further. Ask about customized treatment and personalized services. Your dental care shouldn’t be one size fits all. 

Look for a dental practice dedicated to education. We like to help our patients understand how what’s happening in their mouth connects to their overall health. We share best practices, point out signs of potential dental trouble and give strategies for preventing long-term dental problems.  

3. How experienced are your dentists? 

Don’t be afraid to ask a dental practice for details about the staff. Inquire about the years of experience, education, speciality areas and continuing education. Even though teeth haven’t changed, the way we treat them has evolved. New technologies emerge. New discoveries are made. 

It’s OK to ask about the dentist’s background and expertise. You want to be sure you choose a dental practice committed to learning, growing and providing the very best dental care possible. 

4. Can your practice take care of all my dental needs? 

Searching for a new dentist or a specialist can be a hassle. Ideally, you’ll find a practice that can handle a majority of your dental needs. Your new dentist should offer a number of critical services in house, including crowns, restorations, veneers, implants, dentures, oral surgery, root canals, teeth whitening and sealants. They also should provide appliances to help with issues like sleep apnea or teeth grinding. 

Once you get comfortable with your dentist, it’s ideal if they can provide a full menu of services. Plus, the dental team knows you and your specific needs so they can provide a truly personalized solution.  

Refer to this list as you’re researching the best Asheville dentists. And, add Zöe Dental to your list of dentists to interview. Call us at 828-348-1275 to schedule a time to visit. We’ll discuss your specific dental needs to ensure you receive the best treatment.