The Anatomy of a Healthy Smile

According to a top Asheville dentist

Your smile speaks volumes before you even say a word. With the corners of your mouth turned up and your teeth bared, you project sincerity, confidence and happiness. Your smile can put others at ease, which leads to trust. A warm, genuine smile sets a positive tone for any social interaction.

With so many perceptions based on your smile, the success of your relationships and your career often hangs in the balance. Your future may rest on your ability to project confidence and contentedness with a smile. In the words of author Stanley Gordon West, seconded by other top Asheville dentists, “Smile and the world smiles with you.” The sentiment ends with “…cry and you cry alone,” but there’s no need for tears when you follow these simple tips to a great smile.

  1. There’s more to a smile than lips and teeth.
    Your gums play a crucial role in the effectiveness of your smile. Bright, healthy pink gums enhance your smile, while inflammation and uneven gum lines can detract from the vivaciousness of your smile. In fact, sickly gums may even cause you to lose those precious front teeth if they are signs of gum disease.
  2. Super bright white teeth scream, “Imposter!”
    Instead of endearing yourself to others with your sincerity, artificially white teeth actually may send out deceptive vibes. Don’t use whiteners inappropriately. Top Asheville dentists like our professionals at Zöe Dental will steer you toward a more natural look. The color of your teeth should strive to match your individuality.
  3. The shape and size of your teeth should be balanced and in proportion to your face.
    Your teeth and your lips should complement your facial features, not dominate them. Balance is the key when undergoing restorative treatments to straighten and shape your teeth. You need a top Asheville dentist with a keen eye for aesthetics to maintain your perfect individuality. “One size fits all” does not apply to smiles.
  4. A profile shot of your smile also is quite telling.
    When viewed from the side, the angle at which your teeth protrude greatly enhances or detracts from a youthful, energetic appearance. Teeth that are caved in give your face a more drawn and tired look, while teeth that emerge straight from your gums send a balanced, healthy message. Straight teeth generally are perceived as more attractive.

Smile Big for the Camera

Our team at Zöe Dental is motivated and equipped to help you achieve the most beautiful smile for you, one that complements your face, your personality and your lifestyle. Smile enhancement procedures can have an enormous impact on your self-confidence by giving you the smile you want. Some of the more common options to enhance your smile include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • State-of-the-art natural-looking fillings
  • Tooth bonding
  • Dental implants
  • Porcelain veneers

And your Zöe Dental team works closely with a team of top specialists if you need braces or periodontal surgery. Best of all, your whole attitude shifts when you know you can stir the world with just a smile.

—Dr. Stamatiades