Whitening: How Much Is Too Much?

It’s entirely possible to get too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to teeth whitening in Asheville. When taken to an extreme, bright white teeth can make you look artificial. Your teeth take on a chalky, uneven appearance if you overdo it with at-home whitening products.

Plus, if you’re not careful, you could end up damaging your teeth. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products aren’t always FDA approved and may contain harmful chemicals that only serve to weaken your tooth enamel.

There are several ways to get a more radiant smile. In this post, we’ll focus on the at-home and professional teeth-whitening solutions.

In-Home Warnings

Besides getting chemical burns on your gums and destroying vital tooth enamel, doing your own teeth whitening in Asheville can lead to other complications:

  • A whitening session may leave your teeth sensitive for days.
  • Leaving the whitener on for longer than recommended can cause splotching and damage.
  • Whitening rinses contain high amounts of alcohol that can harm your gums and other areas in your mouth.
  • Putting whitener on cavities can lead to excruciating pain.
  • Tooth whiteners don’t work on crowns, bridges and other artificial teeth, so you could end up with drastic variations in color.

Rely on Your Dentist

When you rely on us for teeth whitening in Asheville, you avoid many of the risks. Additionally, you can count on much better results because the teeth whitening products used by the professionals at Zöe Dental contains more peroxide, making it much more effective.

An office visit with a dentist who performs teeth whitening in Asheville takes about an hour, which is quicker than using in-home whiteners. We will cover your gums with a protective gel or thin rubber strip so you don’t have to worry about damage and overfill.

If You Insist

If you insist on doing your own whitening, you still can include us in the process. A few simple steps can help you prevent major problems:

  • Ask us to make you a custom tray for whitening to help you apply the whitener evenly. You don’t want to leave peroxide residue on your gums.
  • Keep up with your six-month checkups. Make sure all your cavities are filled before attempting in-home teeth whitening.
  • Ask us about the ideal shade of white for your teeth. As a rule of thumb, your teeth should be about the same color as the whites of your eyes. (Very few people have stark whites.)
  • Check with us about which home product to use for teeth whitening in Asheville. The products recommended by the American Dental Association for home use contain no more than 10 percent carbamide peroxide gel.

Options for Teeth Whitening in Asheville

Instead of paying the big bucks for in-home chemical treatments that carry many risks, many of our patients opt instead for some natural paths to whiter teeth:

  • Eliminate tooth-darkening substances like coffee, tobacco and red wine.
  • Only eat carbs at mealtimes so the sticky residue gets washed away.
  • Get your recommended dose of vitamin C every day —about 90 mg. The nutrient protects cells in your teeth and gums from damage.
  • Sip green or black tea daily to reduce plaque.
  • Drink sodas, sports drinks and energy drinks through a straw to reduce contact with your teeth.
  • Brush after swimming in a pool; the chlorine can stain tooth enamel.

And keep smiling brightly!

—The Zöe Dental Team